Suwing Artificial Hedge Wall – Before & After Case Study

Suwing Outdoor Artificial Hedge Wall Case Study

Artificial hedge wall is an incredible way to brighten dull exterior fences. More than that, the utilization of artificial hedges is so useful in increasing garden yards’ privacy. Here, we’d like to share what difference faux hedge fences can make in residential spaces.

Customer’s Needs for Artificial Leaves Fence

Instant greenery in winter days seems to verify the poem “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Inspired by this, our customer decides to create an artificial hedge wall for each garden yard in the community. 

Unmatched Realism Artificial Hedging

It has been common in international practice that the first impression is essential. In other words, although artificial plants are fake, the more realistic they are, the more you will favor them, right? 

Sunwing faux leaf hedges won’t let you down regardless of the quality and appearance. For one thing, our artificial leaf panels consist of 100 percent fresh new polyethylene instead of low-cost recycled materials. If you pay much attention to the outward view, faux greenery with fresh materials will stand out in colors and textures. To be specific, the color of recycled fake foliage is dim and without brilliance and varies significantly from natural plants. What’s worse, there are a few small black spots on the leaves, which is inevitably done on the cheap.

Lush Green with Simplicity

In the beginning, Sunwing has expressed that the color can be bespoke. But as our customer said, green plants are never out of date in household yards and in spring. Now that the primary green hue rather than light or dark green is ideal for creating the artificial hedge wall. 

Color aside, what about the word “simplicity” in decorating the residential settings? Well, you can understand it easily from the design perspective. There tends to be no single standard to determine whether the effect is better to be simple or complex. However, we have to admit that exaggerated design style is often only applicable to specific scenes. Consider integrating design into the large-scale garden fencing and achieving the desired effects. 

Warranty As Long As Possible

Quality assurance has always been a concern of many customers in recent years. But indeed, the life of a fake hedge wall is closely related to the quality that ought to prioritize. You’d better keep your eyes open to seek a long-term warranty.

From the analysis of market reports, a majority of outdoor fake hedge fences can only last for 2-3 months. Aside from the inferior materials that manufacturers use, outdoor climates, temperature, and other elements also significantly influence the lifespan of the artificial outdoor hedge wall. Though it’s almost impossible to change the weather, Sunwing can R&D products that will adapt to the environment.

You’d like to know how to tell the quality of faux hedge panels.

Factors to Consider about the Artificial Hedge Wall 

Without a doubt, Sunwing team makes efforts to meet all of our customer’s requirements. Based on the customer’s needs, we analyze the following factors that need to take into consideration.

Unanimous Design of Artificial Leaf Fence 

Which kind of artificial hedge wall is lush green with simplicity regarding these hundreds of designs? Sunwing has covered your tastes in thorough, from artificial boxwood hedges, artificial ivy trellis to artificial fence covering.

Everything’s hard in the beginning. After a two-day ideas exchange, the artificial outdoor hedge panel A127 (a bit sparse) becomes the decided solution. 

Symbolic Style H4

Cedar Leaf: Cedar is a tree species in unique shape, nature, and characteristics. Since ancient times, poets and artists have mentioned the cedar tree as a symbol of strength. Besides, in some regions, the cedar is a “tree of life” owing to its ability to be everlasting. 

Money Leaf: It turns out, as expected, that the money tree as a kind of bonsai plant is favorable in Asian nations. Of course, people usually regard the tree as a gift in business and personal affairs due to its prosperity characteristics.

Privacy Screen H4

Both dense and sparse artificial hedge wall panels are available for utilization, depending on you. The slight difference lies in the coverage rate between the two types – dense is 98% and sparse is 92%. Even if to select a bit sparse hedges with 92% coverage, they can still function as a privacy defender. Hence, light faux hedge mats are the basic alternative for privacy protection and are cheaper than the dense. If you are looking for greenery decor for garden yards, why not Sunwing’s cost-effective artificial hedge fences?

Why Outdoor UV Resistant Faux Hedges 

Outdoor artificial plants often bear more than indoor ones because of uncertain exterior elements. According to our customer’s requirements, the artificial outdoor hedge ought to have a long life. Therefore, the anti-UV powders need to put into production in the first manufacturing process to perform well, especially outdoors. Sunwing’s exterior faux hedge wall is:

  • Resistant to high temperature, rain, and frost
  • Staying green without fading for over 2 years
  • UV resistant when faced with intense sunlight
  • Unable to decay under the changeable weather
  • Maintenance-free without the need for green thumbs
  • Easy to install (snap lock)

Quality Inspection 

Let’s talk and act when it comes to quality issues. Before manufacturing and shipment, relevant permanent staff are ready to inspect and check all hedges panels leaves. Since its inception, Sunwing factory has improved and applied the sole quality control system.

S1. Raw Material Inspection: The raw materials have strict requirements in strength, so our staff tests them, ensuring raw materials are accessible to produce. Besides, the first sample confirmation is also necessary to pave the way for mass production.

S2. Input Process Quality Control (IPQC): Once put into mass production, our staff will be responsible for the potential quality problems. We’ll smash the unqualified products by observing and inspecting and send them to the waste treatment plant.

S3. Final Quality Control (FQC): Before shipping, our staff makes sure the cargo measurements are precise, including the backing size, carton weight, and size.

S4. Outgoing Quality Control (OQC): On the day of loading and customs clearance, our partner will count the cartons again and sample the products inside.

Each inspection process is perfectly coherent, hence ultimately guarantee product quality.

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