Top Recommended Artificial Living Walls in 2020

Top recommended artificial living walls in 2020

At this moment of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, it’s time to make a year-end summary! Based on Sunwing’s export data, we are willing to offer this top recommendation for 2020 top-selling artificial living walls series. Make a full preparation for your import plan of the coming 2021.

No.1: Green Artificial Hedge walls

artificial hedge walls

Would like to create instant green walls, private walls or decorative walls? Then we recommend artificial boxwood hedges and leaf panels.

Boxwood hedges

As the customer Simona said, “My studio is always green.” after she installed these green hedge mats.

Faux boxwood hedges are Sunwing’s most classic and popular artificial plants. They are the perfect replica of real boxwood, creating a realistic nature feeling. And also, faux boxwood all consist of fresh PE rather than recycled, which are hyper-natural in colors and textures. These plastic boxwood hedges are ideal to become privacy screens due to lush green and highly dense foliage. Besides, they look the very best outdoors for years to come under the protection of UV stabilized element.

Artificial leaf panels

On the right of the picture is another case study of hedge walls in property buildings in October 2020. These artificial hedges are especially for exteriors, so you may look forward to the appearance changes in two years.

There are a wide range of foliage panels from Sunwing, such as photinia, lavender, fern, money leaf, etc. Usually, they do not present in a single form, but tend to be combined with flowers. So, it’s a great way to make DIY artificial living walls in your local market.

No.2: Decorative Vertical Wall Gardens

artificial vertical gardens

When it comes to the interior decoration or exterior landscape, Sunwing’s artificial vertical gardens can meet your expectations.

Artificial plants wall

Different from hedge panels, these faux plants wall come in a more abundant, luxurious and 3D style.

But similarly, there is diversity of featured artificial wall plants to choose. The most welcomed is L series of indoor fire retardant faux plant walls. As people’s safety awareness increases, the  decoration materials also need to keep pace. Rest assured that these all artificial vertical walls have passed the NFPA 701 flame test for building applications.

Green wall panels

“Tropical faux green wall with flamingo addition is appealing.” Said the senior project manager.

This kind of artificial living walls are ultra-realistic with plenty of leaves densely fixed on the iron mesh. Unfortunately, many real plants cannot bear the harsh weather in extremely cold or hot places. As a result, a deluxe artificial green wall without maintenance is a great alternative all year round.

Without a doubt, residential occasions with home gardens or commercial settings will create a stunning design with a “Wow” effect. Whether tropical or luxurious style depends on you as you have the right to do it.

No.3: Lush Artificial Living Wall Hanging Plants

artificial wall hanging plants

When washing hands, diners are surprised to see lush green plants on their heads. The artificial greenery can give a real touch even though they are fake.

These hanging plants (fake) are the suitable substitute for real plant leaves when applied to the ceiling wall. As you may know, it’s impossible for greenery to plant and survive in indoor ceilings.

Hanging plants from Sunwing have a long warranty of at least 3 years for indoor environments. Or to say, they are long-lasting as the plant arrangements in offices, restaurants and other wall decorations.

No.4: Artificial Framed Living Walls

art framed artificial plants wall

Try to integrate framed green walls into your business and you will find it equal to develop another profitable direction.

In fact, artificial living walls in frames are similar to the photo frame. But the difference is that the framed green wall is three dimensional, not planar. So if residents want to make some changes with uniqueness, then try Sunwing’s realistic framed 3D wall with green plants. Rather than plain photo wall, these plastic foliage frames create a botanical garden in home indoors. They are pieces of art that is hyper related to nature though they cannot filter the air.

No.5: Indoor Artificial Moss Wall

artificial moss wall

Concerning the comprehensive costs, an artificial moss wall is cost-effective and lightweight to install. As the alternative artificial living walls, fake moss still can liven up interiors.

Preserved moss is natural and can purify the indoor air, but how about when outdoors? Can reindeer moss tolerate the exterior conditions and can it get close to the hairdryer? Probably no because there are some limited issues after dehydration. So dried moss is precisely only for interior wall and floor decorations.

However, artificial moss will not cause such trouble and require no maintenance. Sunwing chooses the nylon wool material in order for a soft and real touch feeling.

No.6: Outdoor Artificial Ivy Trellis

fake ivy trellis

Do the artificial living walls look stunning? The garden wall consists of artificial ivy trellis with grid structure. Actually, is is perfect for adding privacy to both residential and commercial exterior walls.

Ivy leaves can be in PE material as well as silk material, both of which are with UV protection. The plastic grid backdrop is sturdy and will not be apart. Besides, the grid can be expandable to create large screening. There are three types of ivy trellis for you to choose – silk faux lattice, plastic trellis and faux ivy with flowers. All of them can transform the wall outside and garden fence in an instant.

Go ahead for your business import plan in 2021!

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