Easy Ideas for Faux Green Wall in Restaurant Application

Easy Ideas for Faux Green Wall in Restaurant Application

Have you ever noticed that we pay more attention to the dining environment when we eat out? Absolutely, people go to restaurants to fill stomachs and get relaxation off work. Greenery is the motive for these restaurants to perform well with a collection of faux green wall. Given this, here are a few ideas that artificial plants wall can help restaurants achieve the desired results.

Liven Up Interiors with Artificial Green Wall Panels

liven up interiors with artificial green wall panels

When it comes to the interior plantscape, we may think of mother nature as if we were in her arms. Faux green wall can bring a character in as well as uplift people’s spirits in restaurants.

It’s not easy and time-consuming to raise and keep live green plants indoors concerning maintenance. Besides, for a busy restaurant, it’s not a great option of living walls because of high upkeep costs. Food property owners likely have to require a gardener to maintain the plants regularly. Without a doubt, most staff are not as specialized as gardeners to have the necessary water and prune skills.

Artificial plant wall panels are more suitable indoors with easy installation and little care, furthermore no maintenance expenses.

Create Modern and Soothing Ambience

Create Modern and Soothing Ambience

Will you get upset or annoyed in such dining surroundings that are full of sounds – talking, laughing, or complaining? I guess, yes, you will. There is scientific evidence that people’s spirits will become more anxious in a noisy environment than usual. Besides, exposure to a high decibel directly affects our appetite for food.

But it frequently happens due to the unawareness of displeasing phenomena in food establishments. What’s worse, close seating arrangements and low ceilings without any greenery can aggravate the situation of noisy restaurants. To a large extent, it will lead to a terrible dining experience and affect food and beverages’ profits.

Faux green wall can absorb noise (probably not all noise) because the air gets trapped in the leaves. As you may know, the air is one of the transmission media of sound. Since the air “gets lost,” how does the sound diffuse? Indeed, the restaurants we have worked with tend to install artificial plants on the walls on a large scale to reduce noise.

Green Impossible Places with Faux Plants

Green Impossible Places with Faux Plants

Wherever in restaurant interiors, there must be some spaces that are hard for natural plants to survive. For instance, ceilings, washrooms, kitchens, and dark areas are where green plants quickly wither or even die.

On the contrary, the faux green wall is ideal as an alternative to these indoor settings. As mentioned, artificial plants do not need any water, fertilizer, or sunlight. And meanwhile, they add instant lush green to a dark and damp place (not merely referring to the restaurant).

In general, places that were previously impossible to be alive can now benefit from fake plants.

Make the Facade Stunning with DIY Faux Hedge Walls

Make the Facade Stunning with DIY Faux Hedge Walls

When we’re ready to step into a restaurant, what determines whether we enter or not? It’s mainly because our eyes naturally fall on the appearance outside of it. If the outdoor design is novel enough, bold structured, or lush and elegant, it is difficult for us not to be attracted.

As is shown, the architectural facade design is also essential in terms of these commercial settings. In contrast to restaurants with only slogans and names, is it easier to get favor by working on these details? Appearance is a part of the image, so the right idea leaves a good impression and attracts more repeat customers. Of course, this is not absolute because plants may not determine the profitability of a restaurant. However, greenery is one of the factors that affect the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Owing to the manufacturing technology, the faux green wall has become more functional in many aspects. When it’s for the facade, not interior walls, most business owners will consider UV rays.

It has been a general acknowledgment that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. For regions in the tropics and subtropics, the sunshine duration is longer. So relatively speaking, green plants have to endure the intense sun for a relatively long time. Except for drought-tolerant plants, it is fatal to plants if raised outside the restaurant. Not hard to imagine how can they survive the glare of the sun? Therefore, faux plants can resist ultraviolet rays because of the production process in injecting UV powder into leaves. Without such an approach, will not these artificial green walls have the function of UV protection.

Fake plant walls are an option for residential application and a motive to make commercial buildings come alive. Sunwing has succeeded in various commercial projects, including restaurants, offices, hotels, reception areas, and shopping malls.

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