Artificial Plants Wall Decor in Netherlands- Sunwing Customers’ Project

Artificial plant wall project

Artificial plants wall is widely used in a variety of indoor or outdoor places because of its aesthetics, low cost, low maintenance, long last, wide variety and so on. Today we will show you a case from our customers in the Netherlands. It’s a perfect blend of artificial plant wall indoor and offices.

Artificial plant panel B031

In this office wall decoration, we selected the artificial plant panel B031. Why choose it? It is made up of many different artificial plant leaves to give it a more layered feel. Coverage is also higher. The most special is, it used a lot of small artificial white flowers to decorate. White symbolizes purity and integrity. Green symbolizes vitality and beauty. The combination of the two colors perfectly matches the company’s corporate culture.Of course, as a high-quality artificial plant wall, no heavy metals, 100% fresh PE materials, low maintenance, long last and other features are satisfied. You have nothing to worry about. It’s perfect for artificial plant wall covering.

Bring offices to life

In today’s society, with each passing day, the pace is very fast. The office is acompetitive place. However, when the artificial plants wall is installed, everythingis different. It’s brings office to life. You will feel joyful, relaxed , energetic andlife. The work efficiency will be higher, the team atmosphere will be moreharmonious. Yeah, it’s that amazing!