Artificial Hanging Plants Project in South Africa- Sunwing customers’ Project 

Artificial hanging plants project in South Africa

Don’t have the enough floor space to add plant decorations into your space? Don’t worry. I will show you a case- one of Sunwing customer’s project in South Africa, which takes the artificial hanging plants to perfectly create an indoor landscaping without take any floor space. It will certainly give you a reference.

Usvertical space

These artificial hanging plants have rich foliage that spill out like a waterfall from the ceiling dramatically toward the floor. Great for maximizing the vertical spaces, our artificial hanging plants indoor are a great way of incorporating lifelike color within eye-level. Each of our artificial hanging plants allow you to enhance any room quickly and effortless – with no extra maintenance. 

fake hanging plants ceiling decoration

Bring the garden indoors

As shown in the photo of the project, the fake hanging plants cover the whole ceiling of the room, thick and lush. It’s like an upside-down garden, opening up and brightening any space. The project uses 1080 psc artificial hanging plants BG060 green and 1080 psc white ones, which have fresh green and extremely soft leaves. When the wind blows, the artificial hanging plants will sway with the wind, filling the space with natural atmosphere. Guests can look up to see the spectacular indoor garden, making their body and mind relax.

Artificial hanging plants indoor for ceiling decor

Look lovely anywhere

In addition to the application in the big projects mentioned above, the indoor artificial hanging plants look lovely almost anywhere and can be used in many other creative way. Large areas of covering may not be appropriate for home or office use.You can hang several bunches of the plants on your porch, patio, wall.Or you can put them in a hanging basket to make a more complete decoration. With the realistic looking fake hanging plants, you can take the organic beauty to the next level.