Artificial Leaf Panel

artificial leaf panel

The artificial leaf panel is a kind of cover decoration that made into a square panel with artificial foliage on it, not only convenient transportation and installation, but also give users more creative space. In the pursuit of individuality today, we can see that many people do not like the sameness. Uniqueness and creativity become the focus of attraction. The shop that decorates distinctively attracts a guest more, chic home outfit can win the praise of friends. Thus, like children’s building blocks, artificial foliage panels can be assembled and combined to create a unique effect.


The normal size of our artificial leaf panel is 50cm by 50cm. Too big? Don’t worry about it. Its mesh background can be easily cut into any shape you require. In addition to changing size and shape, we have hundreds of styles of leaf panels, providing a huge library of materials for your creation.

artificial foliage panel

The installation of the artificial foliage wall is easy. Each panel has 20 interlocking connectors that allow the panel to be connected to each other without any tools.  You can use the zip ties to make the connection between the panels stronger, or to fix the panel to a fence or other materials.