Faux Fern Panels

With its lush, dense foliage, the faux fern panels are UV resistant and can be used for outdoor purposes. If you have old fences, wall cracks, or other unsightly structures in your yard, then you can conceal them from view with one or more fern panels. Or you can put multiple together to create an artificial fern wall.

Real green walls are expensive to grow and take a long time to fill in and look lush. Skip the maintenance hassles of live plants. With outdoor artificial fern panels, you can instantly install a barrier or covering that looks natural and appealing.

This fern hedge is are very popular for home and garden decoration. Create an artificial fern wall by applying these leaves hedge squares to an exterior wall, or use them to cover eyesores like cell towers, TV antennas, air conditioning units, or utility boxes. Whatever project you have in mind, count on our fern hedge to stand up to the sun’s harsh rays without fading or discoloring.