Artificial Ficus Wall Panels

artificial ficus panel

The artificial ficus wall panel is a kind of 3D decoration that fake foliage are inserted to a 50cm×50cm grid panel. Several pieces of the panel can be connected together to cover a whole wall. Leaves are dense enough that she can hide the unsightly area behind the panel. The ficus hedge for sales in Uland is lush and lifelike that can bring nature home. It’s very unique and gets compliments from visitors.

Compared to the wallpaper, the artificial ficus panels no visible stains, so the only maintenance is to remove the dust, not to water and trim. It’s also easy to install, and when you don’t need them, take them off. You can sell the artificial ficus wall panels to others who like them.

artificial ficus wall panels

Not only can the artificial ficus panels decorate walls, but they can also be used to cover ugly things like cell phone towers, TV antennas, air-conditioning units or utility boxes. Don’t worry about the size, because you can cut the panel to fit whatever you want to cover. The DIY process will be fun and you’ll get the joy of turning indecent places into landscapes.

artificial ficus panel