Artficial Ivy Panels

artificial ivy hedge

Known as a highly adaptable plant, natural ivy can thrive in many climate conditions, even in super cold areas but high temperature is not its type. If you always wish to have ivy plants in your place but have the climate concern, Uland artificial ivy panels can really be your thing because they are high temperature tolerant and also UV-protected.

Each of the fake ivy fence panels are completely weatherproof. They have a gorgeous and dense coverage, helping to create a screen perfectly protect your privacy. All of the leaves are inserted on a plastic panel, which is incredibly strong and sturdy, creating a durable hedge that will stand the test of time.

ivy fence

The fake ivy fence panels are suitable for commercial and domestic use, both indoors and outdoors. You can recreate a stunning artificial ivy fence in your home or garden and you will get the aesthetic beauty of classic ivy hedging but without any of the maintenance.

artificial ivy wall panel