5 Unique Fences that Your Neighbors Will Copy

artificial hedge

Most fences are built for a utilitarian reason, but it doesn’t mean that the fences can’t have aesthetic appeal. Here are 5 unique fences decorated by artificial plant products, which are really attractive that your neighbors will be surprised how your fence stays green all year round and copy it.

Artificial boxwood fence


From the comprehensive consideration of price, style, density and other aspects, artificial boxwood fence has the best cost performance.With little heart-shaped leaves, the artificial boxwood panel looks delicate and lovely. Several styles of boxwood with different colors are available.If the simple boxwood is too monotonous to satisfy your need, there also has an extremely graceful one, which add some little white flowers on the boxwood. High density is one of boxwood hedge’s great advantages, which help perfectly protect your privacy.

Artificial vertical garden fence

vertical garden.JPG

The artificial vertical garden panel has a richer variety of plants like ivy,vine,fern and some flowers, resulting in a more ornate effect. The plants on it are professional designer’s elaborate collocation, so each panel is an art work with unique charm. With them, you can easily utilize the bare fence to create a beauty that spruce up your yard. Even if you don’t have a real garden, the artificial vertical garden fence can be admired by your neighbors.

Artificial grass fence

grass fence.jpg

This is also a simple style of decoration. The artificial grass, which is made of HDPE and fixed on a metal frame, can be used to cover the fence with no feeling of strangeness. It performs well in privacy increasing because of the dense and thick grass.That don’t mean that the grass is rough. Inversely, it is so soft that will not scratch your skin. The grass panel also has light weight that help fast installation and you can easily get an natural and lifelike artificial grass fence.


Artificial hedge in planter


Artificial hedges are bolted to planter box for a complete and finished look, so they don’t have to be attached to a fence. Just put them together can achieve great effect of beauty and privacy safety. You can get the charm and greenery of classic hedges without the fuss or costs of upkeep. These artificial hedges in planter are incredibly lifelike and can be customized to create the perfect look for your space. If you have no time to install the plant panels,choose this product will be much more convenient.

Faux expandable privacy fence

expandable fence.jpg

Different from the above products with fixed size, this expandable fence allow you to adjust the the length according to your desired dimensions.You can decide the privacy according to adjust lattice fence size. Stretch both sides of it, the fence will gradually widen and the gap between foliage will be larger too. Such a lattice fence is really elegant though lose some privacy. There is also a great advantage that using the faux expandable privacy fence has no corners cut.

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