How Soon Will The Artificial Plant Wall Be Replaced?

artificial vertical garden

The artificial plant wall is a wall decoration designed according to the needs of users by splicing individual foliage branches together. The branches increase the sense of hierarchy and diversity of the artificial plant wall.

How soon will the artificial plant wall be replaced? This mainly depends on the following two factors:

  1. 1.Is artificial plant wall used indoors or outdoors? Indoor artificial plant wall can be used for at least 5 years, the outdoor one with UV protection can be used for 3 years. The regular artificial plant wall panel without UV protection should not be exposed to sun.
  2. It also depends on the raw materials of the artificial plant wall panel. The better the quality of the raw materials, the longer the life of the plant wall. Some manufacturers use scraps or recycled recycled materials to produce artificial plant walls. It is difficult to master the ratio of raw materials, so the service life of the product may be affected.
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There are two ways to replace the artificial plant wall. You can completely replace the entire plant wall, or just replace a few foliage branches on the wall. As mentioned above, the artificial plant wall is composed of individual plants, which is then fixed with cable ties and finally installed on the wall. If you want to replace some plants, you can simply remove the original foliage branches and insert the newly purchased ones on the panel.

artificial plant wall