How to Select High-quality Artificial Greenery Panels

artificial greenery panel

In recent years, artificial greenery panel has become a popular decorative materials. For professionals who are familiar with artificial hedge wall, it is not difficult to select the panels, but for normal people, that will be a problem.This blog will teach you how to choose a high-quality plastic hedging.


An high-quality artificial greenery panel has lifelike leaves with clear vein and outline. Their color is similar to the real counterparts. On the contrary, the poor quality one is so badly made that you can tell it is fake at a glance.


Good artificial hedge wall is made of environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, odorless and harmless to health, while the poor quality one is made of some recycled materials, may have a pungent smell. More seriously,it may have poisonous substances that will harm people’s health.

artificial hedge wall


The plastic hedging with high quality has smooth and soft touch.Its branches are flexible. The poor quality one has rough touch.


The back panel of good plastic hedging is very thick, flexible and can be bent 360 degrees.Even if a grown man tugged at it, it wouldn’t break. And the panel with poor quality is very flimsy, literally and gently pull break.

plastic hedging