Artificial Boxwood Outdoor Plastic Boxwood Panels Plant Fence Mat

boxwood mat

Boxwood mat is widely used in modern construction, not only used for decorative purposes, but also has many other functions. Now, artificial boxwood panels can be found in offices, apartments, restaurants and homes for all kinds of purposes. These realistic looking panels are used to protect privacy, reduce noise, and to cover unsightly views.

boxwood mat

The functions of outdoor artificial boxwood will surprise you. Today’s architects utilize them to create sound barriers in spaces that are prone to echoes, such as office buildings and restaurants. They are often used as fence extensions to bolster privacy and block out unwanted views.

artificial boxwood hedge

The decorative forms of boxwood mat are many. In some cases, artificial boxwood panels are used as wall coverings, both interior and exterior. They can create a green feeling for a restaurant, or a store. For example,entire store fronts can be covered with outdoor artificial boxwood. These panels may also adorn an office reception area, and they look great and are virtually maintenance free.

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