How Much Does It Cost to Decorate the Office with Artificial Hedge Walls?

artificial hedging panels

How much does it cost to decorate the office with artificial hedging panels? It is hard to answer this question. The cost decides on the decoration area and the grade you want.Here are some of the factors that influence the price of panels.

  • The materials of artificial hedging panels.

This is the main factor that affects the price. Raw materials are classified by grade. The higher the quality of raw materials, the better the quality of the artificial hedge wall produced will be, and the longer the service life will be, so the higher the price will be.

plastic hedge

The denser the walls, the more raw materials are used, and the higher the price.

  • Fire rating of artificial hedging panels.

Under normal circumstances, the artificial hedge wall is fireproof and flame-retardant, achieving the characteristics of no spontaneous combustion, no combustion, leaving the fire source can be automatically extinguished. But if you want to increase the fire rating, the price will be different.

artificial hedge wall
  • The diversity of plastic hedging.

A artificial hedge wall made with a single simulated plant is different from the price of that made with a variety of plants.