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ivy fence screen

Known as a highly adaptable plant, natural ivy can thrive in many climate conditions, even in super cold areas but high temperature is not its type. If you always wish to have ivy plants in your place but have the climate concern, Uland artificial hedges panels with ivy leaves can really be your thing because they are high temperature tolerant and also UV-protected.

As a kind of vine plant, ivy often be planted on the wall or fence. They can climb freely to cover the wall or fence. That will be a natural plant wall. However, in modern city, it is uncommon to see the living plant wall.Instead, artificial greenery panels are now popular in building decoration.

uland ivy

Uland artifical hedges panels are made of high quality polyurethane that has the UV protection impregnated directly into the resin for maximum life before fading. Standard and custom artificial greenery panels add appeal and convenience to any home, business or commercial establishment.

uland ivy fence screen

For example, easily install the ivy panels on the fence and you can get the ivy fence screen. It can beautify the fence along with increasing your privacy. The ivy fence screen is so lifelike enough that from a distance it looks like real ivy climbing over the fence.It is also suitable to decorate the outdoor ceiling to block sunlight and cool you down in hot summer.