Uland Artificial Boxwood Hedge in Planter for Window Box

uland artificial boxwood

A window box (sometimes called window box planter) is a type of container for flowers or plants in the form of a box attached on or just below the sill of a window. Window box can make the exterior of your home attractive and add color to a home no matter what the season.

artificial hedge box

Artificial boxwood hedge in planter is a great product as a window decoration because it is ready-made and do not need your maintenance. The faux boxwood for window box saves time choosing plants, planting and watering. Even if the weather is bad, you don’t have to worry about it wilting outside. The most important is that the artificial boxwood hedge has vivid and dense foliage, which can keep its green beauty all the year round. Every day when you look out the window, you can see this scenery. Moreover, the shape of the artificial boxwood hedge is neat and orderly. It can be customized to fit the width of the window.

artificial hedge box

Although the faux boxwood for window box is made of plastic, it has been specially treated to be UV resistant. This addition can protect it from fading and cracking for at least 3 years.

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