Why Should Artificial Green Wall Decors Be Fire Retardant

artificial green wall panels

Our country now attaches more and more importance to the safety of people’s lives and property, the quality of building materials is one part of it. Building decoration materials should not only be durable and beautiful, but also be environmentally friendly and safe.

The rise of artificial green wall decors have added a lot of color to our lives. They are used everywhere, in companies, shopping malls, hotels, shops, homes, airports and more.


According to the standard regulation of national fire control, the fireproof grade of newly-built shopping mall should not be lower than B level in general. Combustible decorative materials are not allowed to be used in the shopping mall. Because of these rigid regulations, many decoration companies have to abandon the building materials without fire retardant grade. Therefore the fire -retardant artificial green wall panels  become popular decorations.

Uland concrete wall fake green covering is fireproof and flame retardant, and conforms to the national flame retardant grade B standard. Uland artificial green wall panels has passed SGS international standard inspection and obtained inspection report. In addition, the raw materials of the concrete wall fake green covering are all imported from abroad, ensuring that no scraps or recycled materials are used. We guarantee that the artificial green wall panels are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless, harmless to human body, and can be used at ease.