What Is the Advantages of Artificial Greenery Wall

artificial green wall

With the rapid development of building materials technology, design ideas and creativity have been unprecedented liberation. The faux greenery wall brings the garden landscape effect to the interior and exterior. It creates meets the needs of the indoor plant landscape, and creates the landscape effect that ordinary plants cannot achieve.

Artificial greenery walls have the following advantages that real plant walls don’t have.

1.Artificial greenery wall can retain their color for a long time, unlike real plants that wither.

fake green wall

2. The maintenance of the artificial greenery panels is simple, just clean the dust regularly. Do not need watering and fertilization.The branches and leaves will not rot and breed mosquitoes and flies.

3. The faux greenery wall does not need to carry out photosynthesis, and there is no side effect of killing people when children eat it by accident.

artificial green wall

4. The cost of the artificial greenery wall is far lower than that of the living plant wall, with convenient transportation and easy handling.

5. Artificial greenery panels are not restricted by natural conditions such as sunlight, air, water and seasons, and can be selected according to the needs of the site.