Some Clever Use of Artificial Plant Panel in the Shopping Mall

artificial green wall

In today’s increasingly fierce business competition, a shopping mall that knows how to improve the customer experience will be able to get more customers. A good business environment can give a great first impression to customers when they go into a shopping mall, so entrepreneurs are working hard on that. Some novel decorations have been widely used in the shopping mall, such as artificial green wall.

Here are some cases about the clever uses of artificial plant panel. They break the usual form of plant decoration and create extremely creative plant art.

The pillar in the shopping mall is usually white and bare. Actually, it is a good place to create a beauty. Cover the pillar with artificial green wall panel, and you can get a 360°landscape without taking up other space.

artificial plant panel

The escalator is also a place people neglect to decorate. The artificial plant panel can be installed on the glass of the escalator. This not only adds vitality to the mall, but also helps customers who are afraid of heights when riding escalators.

artificial green wall

The interior or exterior wall of the shopping mall also can be artificial green wall. Large area of wall allows you to give full play to your creativity, choose different types of artificial green wall panels for splicing. Unique walls can leave a deep impression on customers.

Uland artificial green wall panel