A Perfect Solution to Regain Your Balcony Privacy

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Every house has a balcony, a great space for relaxing after work and on weekend. Put a table and some chairs on the balcony, then you can soak up the sunshine on a winter afternoon or enjoy the breeze on a summer night, watching the stars. Sometimes, you read alone, quietly, or sometimes have afternoon tea with your friends there. Although the area is not big, can allow you to feel the nature without stepping out of the house. 

Unfortunately, the balcony don’t necessarily give you much privacy. The metal railings or French windows of balconies are beautiful, but make your activities visible to neighbors and passers-by.

Is there anything can increase your privacy without losing the beauty of the balcony at the same time? Uland artificial hedge may help you.

Along with protecting privacy, covering the balcony railings with artificial hedge has many other functions. For example, it can relieve a fear of heights when the balcony is on high floors. Or maybe the balcony get too much direct sun and you want to cool down the space by protecting it from morning or afternoon sun. In this case you can purchase an option that has inbuilt UV protection, it is safeguarded from fading or cracking in the sun exposure.

uland instant artificial hedge

It is an instant way of greening your balcony space without all the difficulties of organic plants. Just easily install the artificial foliage panels can you enjoy instant privacy. No need to worry about maintenance, weather conditions or waiting for it to grow. A variety of artificial leaves are available and the foliage is lush and lifelike enough that cooperates the natural atmosphere of the balcony. In order to better protect privacy, Uland artificial hedge panels are made to be high-density, especially boxwood hedge, the most popular product for privacy in our company.

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