Creative Uses of ULAND Artificial Foliage Panels

artificial hedge panels

Most people probably know artificial hedge panel from its use as an ornament to cover fences or walls. Searching Google for pictures of artificial hedge, there are almost cases of plant walls. Indeed, it is the main function of this product, which perfectly replaces the living plant wall and saves the trouble of planting when adding privacy and aesthetics to the fence. 

However, such a kind of covering decoration is made into regular square panels, not only for the convenience of transportation and installation, but also to give users more creative space. In the pursuit of individuality today, it can be seen that many people do not like the sameness. Unique and creation become the focus of attraction. The shop that decorated distinctively attracts guests to patronize more, chic home decoration wins the praise of friends. Therefore, just like children’s building blocks, ULAND artificial hedges panels can be randomly assembled and combined to create unique effects.

artificial green wall

The regular size of our foliage panels is 50cm×50cm, some also have a 30cm×30cm version. Still too big? Don’t worry. Its grid back setting can be easily cut into any shape as your requirement. In addition to the changeable sizes and shapes, we also have hundreds of styles of leaves panels. Rich varieties and colors provide a huge materials library for your creation.

Here are some examples of creative uses of the artificial greenery panels, hoping to give you some inspiration.

artificial greenery panels

This case mimics the game tetris, with different styles and sizes of foliage panels to make a simple interlacing. The letters and numbers on the right are also collaged by pieces of fake grass. This form is more interesting than covering the whole wall.

artificial greenery panels for plant logo

The two colors of faux hedge panels make up the company’s logo. It can be seen that the edge of our logo is round, but the square panels still fit perfectly after cutting. Such a creative logo can effectively enhance the customer’s impression of the company.

A more family-friendly approach is to replace decorative paintings with artificial hedge panels, just two or three pieces, spaced and aligned on the wall, or placed at random in different sizes.

3D artificial plant framed wall art

If you want to create an effect like a photo wall, our new product, 3D artificial plant framed wall art, is perfect for you. We put artificial plants into the photo frame to make such a product with more aesthetic feeling.

artificial hedge topiary

Furthermore, artificial hedge do not have to be attached to the wall, it can also be used to make three-dimensional topiary. Letters, numbers, animal shapes… The process of making it will be complicated. Of course, you can contact us and we will do our best to help you.

After all, the creative uses of artificial hedge must be more than above, which need your exploration. At the same time, we will not stop to improve our products to meet your creative needs.